New article about Notman House

Last week I was interviewed by Christine Renaud regarding Notman House. I’ve given quite a few interviews over the last couple of years and regardless of how they go, you never quite know how they will turn out until you read/hear/see the piece. I’m glad to say that she nails it, i.e. it faithfully conveys my thoughts on the projects. Between Christine’s article and Sébastien Paquet’s thoughtful post, the only thing left for me to blog about will be occasional updates on the project’s status.

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1 Response to New article about Notman House

  1. Merci Daniel pour les bons commentaires! En fait, c’est toi qui m’a donné tout le contenu dont j’avais besoin.

    Dommage que je n’aie pu y inclure ni les histoires de poney, ni les sociétés secrètes.

    Bah, rien n’est parfait.

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