The Wisdom of Carl Mercier

A few months ago while presenting at a Montreal Ruby gathering, Carl Mercier touched on the topic of building a product vs. building a feature. The point he was trying to make is that if you are merely a feature on someone else’s platform, you face significant risks. When someone asked what he would consider a “feature”, he gave the example of Farmville. Sadly, some articles alluding to Zynga’s skyrocketing revenues had been written the previous week and his point was lost in the chorus of “I wish my feature could net me $200M!

The fight between Zynga and Facebook is getting uglier however, and while I’ve no doubt that Zynga will survive this, they aren’t, as we say in these parts, holding le gros boutte du baton!

Update: Facebook and Zinga enter into a five year partnership expand use of Facebook credits.

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